Grow Open Source


This page serves as a repository of everything that has been built by & for the Gitcoin community. Got a niche problem? Enable the tools that suit your needs. Don't see the tools you need? Get in touch and lets bounty it! ~@owocki


Accelerate your dev workflow with Gitcoin's incentivization tools.


Friendship, mentorship, and community are all part of the process.

Gas Tools

Paying Gas is a part of using Ethereum. It's much easier with our suite of gas tools.

Developer Tools

Gitcoin is a platform that's built using Gitcoin. Purdy cool, huh?

Tools in Alpha

These fresh new tools are looking for someone to test ride them!

Just for Fun

Some tools that the community built *just because* they should exist.


Take your OSS game to the next level!


These ideas have been floating around the community. They'll be BUIDLt sooner if you help BUIDL them :)

Retired Tools

These are tools that we've sunsetted. Pour one out for them 🍻

2019 March 13 - We just announced $50k in Matching for Gitcoin Grants!.